Harry first traveled to Nicaragua in 2014, when he was 13 years old. The experience changed his life forever, moving him to return year after year, visiting the same kids in the barrio who refer to him as “The Gigantic American”. Harry is the relationship guy in the group, connecting with the kids through sports, play, music and he’s even been known to dance in the rain with them. Having found his purpose and calling, Harry wanted to share this experience with friends and teammates, so he began to bring them with him to Nicaragua. Now a committed student-athlete who joined the 2023 class of THE Ohio State University, as well as serving on the Board for Mission For Nicaragua (M4N), Harry’s goal is to continue to share and grow the ministry. Harry will be working closely with Athletes In Action on the OSU campus to share his passion and experiences with teammates and other student-athletes in hopes that they find their own passion in serving others with him in Nicaragua, or wherever they feel called to serve. It is Harry’s sincere hope to use his unique blessings and platform to continue to grow the support of the ministry to serve as many kids as possible.

For more information please visit: MissionForNicaragua.org

Harry teaching the kids in the barrio how to play American Football
Harry and Junieth have worn matching bracelets since he gave it to her on his last visit to Nicaragua over a year ago.
Playing soccer at Ruby Ranch
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